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May 2017



We are unlike many boats trying not to take the easy option of fishing for rays as we think most of our clientel have caught as many rays as they need right now. We have been searching different marks targeting bass with some success and other spring summer specias inc hounds spurs and flaties etc however it is still difficult to avoid rays as they are in such large quantitys as such we have not seen the like of for many years. As you can see a few tub gurnards coming on board and what a beutiful fish all returned too.



































April 2017



Bass now showing up in increasing numbers and the first showing of a few hounds, still plenty of rays to bend the rods with some realy sood doubles to be had.We will now start moving offshore to target bass best baits for this sort after fish is lug. If you fancy a trip check out our calender pick a date and give us a ring.































March 2017

Not a bad day for our first real day out ten plus rays a very improving picture more photos to come.As promised below middle a fourteen pound ray caught on Sunday 12th March along with many more rays and some very nice whiting these are avarage days at the moment and most anglers are being kept busy all day with plenty of bites and did i mention a codling yes we also had a codling but was released before i had a chance of a photo so this is what you can expect at the moment on Sophie Lea and it wont be long before we will be into the first of the spring bass so check out our avaliability if you want a crack at them but dont leave it to late.






December 2016




Well i know you all want cod but they are few and far between always the chance though and if your not fishing you got no chance.Other than cod it is actualy fishing quite well out today for the first time since christmas with a total of eleven rays lots of whiting and a few dabs and one small bass & every one happy. Its about getting out with a few freinds having a laugh and enjoying whats on offer and you never know whats going to take your bait like all these happy December fishermen below.





























November 2016


Sorry for delay in updating site as we have had a crash all ok now, fishing has been fun for anglers with an open mind lots of dabs whiting and a few rays but very few cod, why i dont know could be the water is still to warm after a very hot summer but we are all just guessing it happens some times and its no good wishing for something thats not here but enjoy fishing for what is here. It could be that we catch a load of cod tomorrow but i will tell you somthing you defo wont catch em if you aint out there.
















October 2016



Most anglers are ringing in to ask about cod fishing every one is waiting baited breath but at the moment very few cod showing so dont get sucked in buy skippers giving you a load of bull they are not here yet ok the odd one here and there but one swallow dosnt make a summer. I will say that fishing is very good with large numbers of whiting sixty fish a day easy, still lots of rays and the odd bass here and there. We have just enjoyed one of the warmest summer/Autumns and the seas around our coasts are very warm so i recon mid to late November for some cod but dont wait till the last minuet for a booking especialy weekends which we have very few left.

















September 2016



Whiting now showing in good numbers and these are mixed in with plenty of medium size rays,several hounds still being caught but these are now leaving the estuarys bound perhaps for warmer waters and talking about warmer waters the sea temp is a very warm 17 degrees the product of a very warm summer which will take a while to cool down and this must have an effect on delaying our Autumn fish only time will tell if this will be the case.






















August 2016




Not the best month on our calender but alot of anglers want to get out, many on holiday & the weathers good but the fishing has not been, still catching but its hard getting anglers on the fish. However the snaps below will harten anglers as on board the sophie lea we dont give in without a fight with many of our anglers still leaving the boat very pleased.September will see the start of Autumn fishing with whiting rays offshore schooling bass and maybe some codling inshore.
























JULY 2016


Started good but now towards the end of the month its tough going hounds are mostly mediums to small, bass still around but go with a profecional boat to give you half a chance of catching them we do no were to catch them. Rays still around but no wear near the numbers there was which is a good thing to much of any thing becomes a bore and variety is the spice of life. Bass will soon start shouling up on the offshore banks as you can see below the Sophie Lea is still getting some good bass and yesterday 29th July lots of mackrel.






















JUNE 2016

Its Official we have caught more big bass on our boat than any other charter boat in our area so twenty eight years in the business does count and the pictures prove it just today 15th June we added another startling bass to our catch portfolio below with a eleven pound 3oz fish caught buy Barry Gillders released after a photo. Hounds are now showing up at the moment but no big ones but its still early and they will be here generaly July/ August for the big doubles so if you want a trip get booked in now. And how about the two pound garfish bottom right unusualy caught on rag worm bottom fishing but great fun float fishing for them our only bill fish and yes they will even tail walk.


























May 2016




Its very early for me to start Mays report but thought our anglers should be up dated on the changing fishing at the moment especialy for the anglers that have had enough of catching rays, bass have featured well in early may for us and several medium hounds i will not ramble on because i will add to Mays news later in the month but check out the pictures so far. Well i promised to add to this report and pleased to say that May has been as good as it started more bass caught than any other May i can remember and hounds and dabs adding to the variety of fish being caught and pleased to say most anglers leaving with some good catches and great memories. ( Get well soon Brian) top left today 27th May Chris Hybes with three bass caught on one rig all released after the photo shoot.














April 2016

Still lots of rays coming aboard but things are changing gradualy and the weather is getting better so we are venturing out a bit further and catching a few hounds dabs and yes you guessed it more rays and dare i mention it a few small bass and of cource released unharmed. If you fancy some bass fishing better get booked in as its always a favorite with our anglers in May/June and we only have so many good tides.Below middle is Kevin with a treble hook up on rays yes three fish on one penal rig a record on board our boat.




March 2016


Its a bit pointless me putting more pictures of rays as i think you all no what they look like and that is what we are catching and in big numbers at the moment along with several large whitings the odd cod but i stress it is the odd one so if its cod your after dont bother you will be disapointed but if you want a great day catching some fantasic rays come on down you wont be disapointed.


February 2016



Holiday time for me as this is generaly our quitest month of the year and what i can gather from other skippers my dicision to be away was the right one with strong winds & poor fishing, but i am back and like magic the fishing has picked up see the last week of Februarys fishing on Sophie Lea below. When the weather alows last week was quite good with rays a few codling and some decent whiting i realy think March is going to be good.

















January 2016

As many of our anglers would have heard we have caught on our boat a record beating spurdog of 23 pounds 5oz beating the current british (not Irish) caught spur record buy over two pounds this was caught by one of our regulars Ken Pipe from a mark twelve miles off our port of Brightlingsea it looks like we can not claim the record as we were not prepared to kill the fish and take it ashore for official weighing but i am sure you will all agree a fantasic fish well done to Ken for taking the right decision to release it, the fish was weighed on avery scales and whitnessed buy five indipendent anglers. Biggest cod of eight and a half pounds below caught by Collin Sereey 20th Jan 16 good anglers can winkle em out and they are there but mostly full of herring well done Collin.


December 2015

Dispite many forums and reports there is plenty of fish in the thames estuary the photos posted below are testiment to that fact, ok we know that cod fishing has been dificult since end of November but we are still catching cod not in the numbers we would like but thats fishing. We have had many cancelations due as we all know to very strong winds elnenio i think they call it but luckely we are in the thames estuary were we have many sheltered sand bars estuarys and rivers were we can take our anglers for some sport with rays still in big numbers lots of good sized whiting dabs and the not so plentiful cod o and did i forget to mention dog fish. All of the fish below is just a small number caught in and up to 31st December so it realy is not so bad you just need to book a good skipper that does his best to put you on the fish thats it for 2015 happy new year to all our customers see you in 2016.






November 2015



Plenty of cod this month right up until we had the very strong winds towards the end of the month this has had an effect on catches which have been down on the first few days after the storms however it has picked up since.Rays are still being caught and not just the odd one or two but ten and fifteen per trip if you want them just let your skipper no on boarding that will be me. Plenty of whiting being caught and i know you will love to here this lots of doggys, once again let your skipper no when boarding because we can take you to places were its dog fish heaven.


















October 2015

Its only the begining of October and we are having some cracking days on cod and as far as we are concirned its going to be without doubt a memorable cod season and i am predicting proberbly one of the best we will see. Plenty of rays also being caught if you want them still let the skipper know we can put you on them but most of my anglers are after the cod. Worm is working well mixed with squid but it does attract the unwanted specias like whitings etc. Dog fish galor if you want them but they are staying off around the wind farm all in all it is time to book a trip although weekend spaces are getting limited now.





September 2015




We have decided to open our report in September a bit early but fishing is moving at such a pace with cod now showing up early also bass fishing is excelent and rays now moving in in good numbers and sizes but our photos will be better indicators for you as all photos were taken this week 30th/31st August.






















August 2015




August has been a great month with most anglers booking my boat going home satisfied bass sport has been excelent with many good days on this sort after fish and the best is still to come but remember the new limits imposed on us only three fish per angler and minimum size of 42cm no exceptions. Hound fishing has been varied with some very good fish caught and released as we do but weed can be a problem when searching out the very big fish,still plenty of rays to be had and several cod in the last couple of weeks.
































July 2015





A great end to a fantastic busy month with a fourty five pound 5oz tope the biggest in the Area once again twenty eight years expearience counts see photos below.Plenty of bass too this month but nothing very big lots of medium hounds and still plenty of rays. Mackrel have also turned up in numbers and anglers love them. And by the way all the rays bottom left were released it was just a fun photo as they were all caught at the same time.




















June 2015

A great start to June with bass and hounds on the 3rd June hounds into double figures already i recon its going to be a bumper summer. Lots of beutiful tub gurnards around so beutiful and they have all gone back were they belong. Biggest bass in the area so far caught from Sophie Lea is Sein Smiths 11pound 5oz fish









May 2015

Still catching codlings on most trips also plenty of rays and now bass are showing in very good numbers if you have never caught a bass or catching bass is your thing now is the time and worm is the bait leave it and you will regret it pictures below of bass caught this week 21st May over thirty bass caught many returned unharmed.First smooth hounds on the boat this week also great to see them back.





April 2015

You are missing some of the best April fishing for a few years with lots of codling to six pounds and above plus some fantastic ray fishing in fact the pictures tell a better story than i can top left is Richard Lusher from Tolesbury with a wopping twenty pound 6oz Thornback ray. We are only early April and all of these pictures were taken since the 1st April





March 2015


Fantastic fishing now with thornback rays showing up in good numbers and still plenty of codlings in fact lots of codling, yesterday 11th March ten rays and we lost count of good fat codling coming too the boat so grab a space on Sophie Lea you will not be disapointed.


"Great day out again on Sophie Lea"





Vastly improved sport as you can see ref photos taked today 21st February also better quality of codlings up to five pounds and sprats seem to have disapeared. Most trips up to fifty fish so if its codling your after get a booking in now.













January 2015




Its only early January and the fishing is fantastic with some excelent catches of codlings and the size of the fish are getting bigger these photos were taken on the 4th January so as you can see some very happy anglers Trish below right with one of her codlings and the group picture of Tomo and the gang with part of there catch and Tomo below left looking very pleased with his first fish of the day. And Oliver Duff looking pleased with his rays below right the biggest twelve pounds.




















December 2014

Cod fishing has picked up just in the last few trips with some bigger fish coming to the net in fact two fish of twenty pounds were caught last weekend, i know Christmas is just around the corner and it would be productive to come out and try your new rods and reels out. Still several rays and several nice whiting as the tides slacken off on each trip and no sign of sprats so fishing should continue in the same vien.










November 2014




The Annual national police angling competition was held from Brightlingsea yesterday 5th November and once again Sophie Lea beat all of the boats soundly, we are making a habit of this much to the anoyance of the other skippers. If you have not been out lately you really should as the fishing is excelent today 06 December with only five anglers aboard over nintey fish caught up to six pounds with the codling and rays to ten pounds all the codling are in excelent condition taking lug/squid cocktail. As we get towards the end of this month the big fish will show up which we will then be targeting so make sure you book your space. Some of our lucky anglers were treated to a spectaculer view of a pod of pilot whales around fourty were sighted a very memorable day. And top right Terry Phillips caught this 13pound thornback ray on the 29th November yes even this late in the season we are still catching some very nice rays. Also Mark Nicholes with his ray the following day a 13 pound 13oz fish two specimen fish in late November.

















October 2014





Plenty of codling have been bought in by the big spring tides of early October with some bigger fish offshore up to ten pounds, still plenty of rays along with whiting and plenty of doggies so lots of fun to be had on the boat now. And with the weather still quite balmy you can expect warm weather cod fishing cod fishing will only get better now but we dont no about the weather tight lines. Three pictures below of cod to six pounds for Mike Newman and Roger Litefoot taken 15th October with cod to six pounds and still plenty of ray. Over fourty codling caught today 23rd October on Sophie Lea with only four anglers on board.























September 2014




We are already catching a few codling this early in September i think its going to be a good season for this sort after fish plenty of rays have also turned up again together with several whiting.Dog fish are also present now theving baits that were ment for a better class of fish still some anglers like a bit of rock salmon. Bass are still being caught as you can see Brian Browns fish caught today 13th September as did Wallys cod.The three pictures top taken the last few days of September 27th a day of several bass and the weather fantastic will October be as calm and warm















August 2014

It is only early August and the bigger hounds that were so elusive in July have turned up in good numbers with plenty of fish in double figures. Still plenty of rays in certain marks but also lots of very small fish. Bass are still around worm baits a must for this egerly sort fish but dont expect double figure fish they are all around three to four pounds good fun on light tackle and rods.Plenty of big rays in the second half of August now well into double figuers over twenty big fish caught on the 14th August by Roger Chase and freinds bottom right and plenty of bass on the good days with good anglers. Last day of the month and already we are starting to catch codlings four today 31st August along with rays bass dabs dogs and hounds.


July 2014



Mackeral have appeared in big numbers again always a favorite with our customers,plenty of bass on the shallow water marks but dont get to excited as they are not monsters if your lucky they are just keepers but most are being returned. an unusual catch the other day for us was a brill caught on rag worm about two pounds nice to see in fact we are drift fishing on Friday and hoping to tempt a few brill watch this space.Tope fishing has been disasterous with just a hand full of small fish we are on the point of giving up trying for them at least for this year. Still some nice rays to be had and several hounds this is just an early shot of whats happening in early July more photos to come i hope.24thJuly plenty of rays and several bass today so fishing has bucked up as mid month it was a bit dificult out most days check out our avaliability page.















June 2014

Its very early in June but thought i would let you all no whats happening early so you can plan your trips, and for those of you who like a bit of mackrel fishing come on down we must have had over one hundred yesterday in just an hour or less a great bait and even better on the bbq. Still catching plenty of rays and several hounds are now showing up, bass are still being caught in good numbers but you have to spend a bit more money on worm baits. We are taking delivery of a new charter boat a massive fast cat in the next few weeks which i am sure our customers will enjoy and we are offering all our old and new customers a special wednesday discounted trips out on her of ten percent off the normal price and if you have picked up any vouchers from tackle shops lately from other charter boats we will also take these and give the specified discount so its a win win for all, we will be anouncing launch date soon. Below right 4th June nearly one hundred mackeral, bass, twenty plus rays and hounds a great day for all on board. We thought you might like to see the new boat below 600hp FPT turbo diesel engines with cat stability and space check out our avaliability page and come out for a trip with us this is without doubt the best charter boat in the area. Some nice hounds now showing and our best one this week was Roger Chases sixteen pound fish caught today 26th June.





























May 2014




May is bass month and as you can see we have been getting our share as its still early we just thought we would post a few photos just to wet your apititie if its bass you want pick up the phone and get yourself on a trip with us. Also caught was our first double figured smooth hound a very nice suprise and it put up quite a scrap.Below is Brian Latcham who was very glad he booked a plase on Sophie Lea 14th May catching a nice 10 pound 9oz bass and total fish caught on the boat amounted to 23 bass and around the same amount of rays and a gurnard.




























April 2014




Lots of ray still being caught five anglers today on the boat 6th April with thirty six rays up to twelve pounds, also showing up in the last few days have been a few bass and this will increase as the month moves on. Dog fish and whiting still around in good numbers and a few codling still being caught. The photo below left taken sunday 6th shows Mark and freinds catching close to fourty rays of cource most were released but it shows the amount of rays catchable if your put on the right marks. Second from top centre picture are lads from the military recovering center, we do our bit with help for heros the lads had a great time out with us catching numerous rays and other specias and we hope that the little bit we do helps them on the road to recovery good luck lads you were a pleasure to take out. News flash lots of bass now turned up 23/4/14 over thirty fish & today 24th fifteen fish.























Beautiful weather and lots of fish it was worth the wait Kieth Virtigen had a nice Ray of sixteen plus pounds to day 5th March and we lost count of all the other fish photos below. March is turning out to be an excellent month and if you want to catch some cod time is getting short normally we say end of the month so get them rods out.


















Holiday this month and from what i here was a wast of time wind rain wind rain and i will not subject my anglers to it..








January 2014




Plenty of nice codling still being caught along with some nice thornback ray also some dabs have made an appearance unfortunately out of ten trips booked since Christmas we have only been able to do less than half but that's January for you so not able to report to much other than put a few photos of fish caught since Christmas. Below left three anglers out with us on the 23rd Jan over forty codling at the end of the day all around three to five pounds great sport.



















December 2013

After the big tidal surge fishing took a downturn for several days but its on the up again with fish to just under eighteen pounds and luckily the weather has also been good to us until this week 14th December when its decided to blow hard but its what we expect this time of year, hopefully it will calm off again so we can get our anglers out for some big fish that i know are there now fingers crossed.






November 2013

More codling all the time now with most trips producing codling to eight pounds the biggest so far, all so plenty of rays and some very good whiting, so you can be sure of a busy day out on the Sophie lea at the moment. Just had the police area boat fishing competition and pleased to say that out of five charter boats competing we came first buy over one hundred points. If the weather permits and with the smaller tides i am hoping to get offshore and try for some big cod watch this space.



October 2013



Well here we are October already and its moving in the right direction its a bit early in the month and to give an accurate report is difficult but heres a few photos, fishing is good with lots of whiting and several Autumn ray so the rods are busy all day, not many codling yet but we have had a few reports that they are being caught off the coast well east of us so the spring tides should pull a few more our way. Keep checking our latest news reports i bet it wont be long before we are putting some cod photos on this page. A few more codling last week weather permitting we will be trying for some bigger fish this week with the smaller tides as there has been a few reports of some bigger fish off shore.

October 2013 October 2013 October 2013
October 2013 October 2013


September 2013





Well its good-by to the summer and after a little lull in fishing we are now catching some Autumn fish and its a nice mix of fish coming aboard with rays making another showing some whiting now showing up also a few codling now being caught even though the water is still very warm a few bass coming aboard too with a chance of some bigger fish this time of the year, our weekends are going quick now so if you fancy getting out go to our availability page and book a slot you wont be disappointed.




September 2013 September 2013 September 2013


August 2013




Great hound fishing at the moment and still getting plenty of bass sixteen on Saturday 10th August the hounds should last until the end of August and maybe even longer and the bass should go on until the Autumn. Hounds have been in double figures and the biggest twenty four pounds i still think bigger is still to come. Autumn is fast approaching with cod whiting not far away we still have weekend dates available but they wont last forever.

August 2013 August 2013 August 2013 August 2013 August 2013 August 2013 August 2013 August 2013




July 2013

If you missed the bass bass with us don't let the hounds pass you buy with fish now showing up to double figures with Phil Binghams fish toping the charts at 23 pounds photo below its time to get on board and have the fight of your life with these magnificent fish all the hounds below were caught in the first week of this month still plenty of rays to be had and several bass yes the bass are not finished yet as you can see below these bass were caught on Saturday 6th July and now is the time of year for the big fish. Mackerel also showing up but not easy to find at the moment great to put on the barbey and an even better bait.

July 2013 July 2013 July 2013 July 2013 July 2013 July 2013 July 2013 July 2013 July 2013



June 2013



Still some great fishing in the first few days of June with lots of ray and some of the best bass fishing for many years Ricky Bowls and mates below with there catch of rays also caught several bass keeping just one fish each for the pot. There has been some great catches of bass this year probably one of the best years i can remember in fact there has not been many days that we have not caught at least six to twelve bass and more of varying sizes and Sunday 9th June after catching four bass in quick succession a big double was lost on the surface at the back of the boat. Still plenty of ray to be had so great fishing at the moment and the weather is being good to us.



June 2013 June 2013 June 2013 June 2013 June 2013 June 2013 June 2013



May 2013



What a difference a few weeks make in our industry a change of wind direction from east to warmer sw winds and and the sea is alive with fish it just takes a little rise in water temperature to trigger fish into feeding and moving especially rays if you want to catch some now is the time. Bass have also started to show but remember all sea fishing is probably a month behind still several cod about also it is a great time to get afloat. Lots of bass now 10 fish today the 16th May along with plenty of thornback ray so if you want a bass come whilst they are here and book onto one of our bass trips in availability page you will not be sorry. Ten bass today 19th May biggest was seven pounds and at least a big double lost along with ten thornback ray below right Seth with his bass of seven pounds. Today 30th May 32 Bass & 18 ray out with Roger Chase and mates they have fished Weymouth and all around the uk but this was the best trip they have had many of the bass were returned it has been one of the best seasons for bass and still more to come.

May 2013 May 2013 May 2013 May 2013 May 2013 May 2013



April 2013



Unfortunately we are still battling NE winds which is not helping fishing but contrary to reports we are still catching codling and whiting not in big numbers but plenty of bites and when the suns shining it still makes for a pleasant day out. Skate are few and far between inshore but plentiful offshore however we need calm conditions to get offshore which we are not getting at the moment, this time last year it was plus twenty degrees this year we have been lucky to see it over freezing point it can not last though and as soon as we get some calm conditions we will be venturing offshore for some fun fishing if you want to join us check out our availability page for dates. Now the cold weather is behind us and it looks like spring is actually here a few ray have started to show up these fish will increase rapidly in the next week or so. Still some nice cod out there but they are on there way out now we are chasing them off to the south east but there will come a time when its just to far to go and uneconomic.



April 2013 April 2013April 2013 April 2013 April 2013 April 2013 April 2013 April 2013 April 2013 April 2013 April 2013



March 2013




The weather has been battling against us lately with strong NE winds for what feels like weeks this is not helping us catch fish. The last few days has seen a change in wind direction with warmer southerly winds this will definitely help us and start to pull in some more spring species and we will expect skate to start to show up at any time & codling will last into April so keep logging on no bullshit on this site and hopefully some pictures of some good catches to come fingers crossed. As promised today 9th March and the codling were hungry thirty six fish caught altogether many released but some nice photos of Chris Underwoods party on a calm North sea with a few of there codlings i said things change quick in this sport unfortunatly tomorrows canceled due to strong NE winds.





March 2013 March 2013 March 2013 March 2013 March 2013 >



February 2013




Out today for the first time due to holidays and fishing is as good as the day i left three weeks ago Steve and mates out with me today 8th Feb catching plenty of codling and several good whiting in fact one whiting caught was around the two pound mark so very pleased with the first day out lets see what the rest of the week produces.






February 2013






January 2013

The last few days of December and first days of January have been good with plenty of codling whiting and still a few ray 20 codling today 2nd January and the same on the 3rd no sign of sprats to spoil the fishing and the weather is settling down. Out today 6th January and the fishing has been great with plenty of cod and some great double figured rays who said January is a bad month for fishing. Thursday 17th January out with Roger Chase and crew the tally 28 cod and lots of big whiting with two thornback ray to complete the day which was flat calm and sunny.


January 2013

December 2012




We have started adding photos in Decembers month one day early as we have run out of space in Novembers cache of photos as you can see below still getting some great catches of fish with cod to twelve pounds and still a few skate being caught it really is well worth a trip out but don't take my word for it just look at the happy anglers below. We are coming up to the end of December and there does not seem to be an end to the good fishing, there has not been any problem with sprats in fact the content of gutted cod has been crab and small whiting and with calm seas just lately its all good news.









November 2012




Battling the weather a bit so far this month but its still early days and below a few cod catches in the last few days some from the Police annual competition were the Sophie Lea managed to get anglers on the marks for a first and second placing out of five charter boats from West Mersea & Brightlingsea in quite boisterous conditions .Most anglers are catching some good plump codlings with ten to twenty fish a trip easily boated. With any luck i can post some more catches towards the end of the week if we can get out. And here they are as promised the last few days fishing with undoubtably some fine cod and very happy anglers and happy that we are consistently getting results for our anglers.






October 2012

Early big cod off the Essex coast !!!!


We are catching some big cod now on most trips since the last two weeks of September below is to days cod catch photos 4th October with Phil Binghams cod of twelve pounds 2oz Paul Roberts cod of nine pounds and Roger Chases cod of ten pounds plus twelve skate and far right on Sunday 7th October another nice cod of seven pounds caught by Mike Bush along with a few skate i think this is looking to be a great cod season with such good fish showing up so early. Inshore the last week we have still had some nice codlings tides have been a bit to big to fish offshore but this weekend 20th October look good and if the weather allows we will be adding some big cod photos.






September 2012

We are only in the first two days of September with a few pictures already below, skate have made a return in good numbers and still several good hounds to double figures to be had also several bass and a few whiting have now returned. Third picture top right is Sid Webb who has been fishing for forty years without catching a bass until he went out on the Sophie lea catching not just one but two bass no wonder he looks so pleased ok they were not big but its a bass and Sid didn't care. First codling caught this week along with several whiting they are on there way sharpen your hooks and dust off your cod gear.








August 2012

Just a few photos for August with plenty of bass coming aboard and some great hounds and as you can see some very good skate up to twelve pounds. On the whole its been a good month ok as with all fishing there have been some difficult days but these have been mostly to do with tides and weather the top few pictures were caught in the week to the 24th August.





July 2012




Can not believe were June went, it just went so quick with several cancellations due to weather, any way we have had a few bass trips some successful others not so but that's fishing all of the trips caught bass may be not the sizes envisaged one trip ended with over sixty bass just under the keep size but still great fun below is a few photos of some of our bass trips more to come, several hounds also being caught now but thornback skate have started to move away now, hopefully the weather will allow us to complete our busy schedule this month and keep our anglers catching fish.







June 2012



June already and we are still pulling out some quality fish including bass skate etc some tope trips coming up and some bass trips also this month so hopefully some good photos coming up, below is just a few photos of catches for June with the latest tope catches below top left Barry Gilders with a nice tope of 35 pounds and top right Mel Hoppkins with a nice bass of seven pounds a consolation for Mel as just before the bass he lost a big tope estimated at around fifty pounds which he bought up beside the boat but unfortunately the fish rolled onto his main line breaking his braid there's a lesson there some were.














May 2012

Ray fishing has been fantastic this year probably one of the best still plenty of whiting about good sizes too and the bass run has started with several fish a trip but you need the right tides and of course the right weather, give us a ring if you fancy some bass sport to arrange the best tides and right bait. Below is a selection of photos from the first few days of May up to the 13th and as you can see a variety of fish including cod skate and bass, fishing is great at the moment with plenty of small school bass but also some nice fish like the one on the right below of seven pounds so some great fishing to be had book your self a trip and find out.







April 2012

Fishing is very good now with most anglers going home very happy lots of thornback skate showing up several smooth hounds the biggest so far was a starry caught by one of our regulars Phil of seven pounds along with plenty of skate and a few beautiful condition cod and the odd bass so expect anything at the moment with some great mixed bags of fish. Top left Tony Leaches party from Raley Essex 12th April with a fine bag of skate many of the fish were returned as were all the female skate as they were all full of spawn several other species were caught including cod whiting and dog fish












March 2012



Fishing has surprisingly had a bit of a down turn and it happened very quickly with a massive influx of herring mackerel and sprat taking the bottom feeding cod to mid water, we have had it good though right through from January non stop cod fishing. Don't get me wrong there are still cod to be caught not in the numbers we were catching and taking over from the cod as normal this time of the year has been some heavy weight thornback skate plus lots of big whiting. If you still want to catch cod let us know as if the tides are right and the weather stays good we can get you off for some big cod, in the meantime check out some of our skate catches below, we are only showing the bigger fish and most of the females go back. Still a few inshore codling about and lots of large whiting but these are now moving away and we must turn our attentions to the spring fish turning up like skate & bass etc. A real turnaround today 24th March with eight skate to double figures a bass of just over 14 pounds caught by one of our regulars Martin Logue and cod to twelve pounds the twelve pounder caught by Terry Foster from Tolesbury so as you can see well worth a trip out.









February 2012



Fishing is still very good ok there has been a few sprats about but not as bad as last year and its not affecting the fishing at all with plenty of plump very good condition codlings coming to the net. We did have a bit of problems last week with a gang of unruly seals grabbing every cod hooked by our anglers giving a very good fight but leaving us with no more than the head and a bit of guts left for our efforts they were thugs and we had no option but to move away from a good fishing mark luckily we have not had any problems since. Below left is Derrick Edmedes & Collin Simmons and son with a nice catch of codlings 11th February & Phill Bingham below right with the left overs of his cod after the seal had his wicked way with it. Dannys trip on the 12th February below right had a great day catching in excess of thirty five codling the biggest five to six pounds it is a real cod bonanza out there at the moment. Right Neal Goss and friends 26th February the last few days of a great cod fishing month with still some good catches coming to the boat we hope to start seeing a few skate in March and the cod should keep biting until the end of March.






January 2012




First day out for 2012 and for the anglers not bothering with January which i can fully understand after last year but every years different and this year you are missing out on some great cod fishing and guess what no sprats, Louise Maccrel and family booked a trip out but because of strong wind could not get out with us over the Christmas holidays however the 6th January looked good and they were rewarded for there patients with around thirty cod caught. Photos below of just a few with Charlies biggest cod below left and his sister Abigail below left with a few of her catch and on a beautiful sunny winters day and calm seas what could be nicer. And two members of Steve Stones party right with some of there catch had an equally good day on the 8th Jan with over thirty codling and a last minuet skate.









September 2011

Good fishing still obviously some parties have unlucky days but on the whole September has been good with some Autumn fish showing up like whiting and the occasional cod but still some great catches of skate and plenty of bass still coming to the net. Below just the last two days 9th and 10th September bottom John Godards party ended the day with seventeen skate and two bass and today 10th September eleven skate hounds and a nice bass looks like strong winds for tomorrow and Monday but we keep dodging the weather to get our customers out for some great sport. Four photos below taken 28th September still catching and having some top bass sport worth while fish not little six inch fish some boats brag about fourteen fish today and many released to fight another day.


August 2011

We have been so busy that i have just been to tired to up date our news page after a day at sea so i am playing catch up, this month it has been very good compared with last year skate are making a come back with days of ten to twenty fish not very big fish but plenty up to ten pounds, it has been an excellent season for bass and my anglers have been unlucky if they have not seen one or two fish per trip and if you have booked a bass trip we have had plenty mostly schoolies and catches up to twenty fish or more no photos with these as they go straight back we have caught them on worm baits and if conditions have been rite which they were a couple of weeks back i was catching them on a single sinking spinner great fun on light gear any way we have added a selection of some happy anglers photos and hope this will give you a taste of what has been happening.



July 2011

We are still catching plenty of bass and several tope Chris Notley below had a great day out with us catching plenty of skate a ten pound bass which was released but unfortunately did not survive so we had to up anchor and retrieve the fish still floundering on the surface Chris also caught a thirty pound tope plus loads of mackerel putting the rest of the party to shame, many of our anglers have been returning to port with bass it really has been a great season for them. And below left Dave Geary with his double figured hound and below right and bottom left Daves party all catching bass and hounds the lads released over fifteen bass keeping only one each for the barbi it has been a phenomenal season for bass. Bottom right John Lightfoot with his beautiful hound of 21 pounds one of the biggest this year on our boat his party had several big hounds as well but only the day before with Simon Boden on board we had a very disappointing day what a difference a day makes this is the time of the year when we start getting the big hounds. First below left one of our bigger hounds of 21 pounds caught by David Leicester from Harwich Essex Dave was using hermit crab and it gave him quite a scrap.




June 2011

Our first big tope of the season goes to Barry Gilders catching two great tope one of thirty eight pounds below left and the one below right the largest fish caught in the area so far a forty six pound male fish. Still plenty of skate being caught as you can see below Adms party from Southend with several skate kept from a twenty five fish catch all the rest were released. We have also caught some great bass whilst tope fishing Charley Potter from Suffolk below left caught this bass of 11pound 6oz we photographed the fish then Charley released it unharmed. And on the same day Tony Packer from Lamarsh below right caught a 7pound 5oz bass its fate was not quite so sportively dealt with. John Godard with a good catch of bass thirty bass caught altogether but most released and lads from Southend with a catch of bass and skate below left .




APRIL 2011




I am starting my news a bit early as the fish below were caught the last few days of March and i thought it would be a waist of time putting them on March as this will be the theme of things to come in April with as you can see plenty of skate coming to the net the codling are fast disappearing for there offshore feeding grounds some of our charter fleet are chasing them but we are now concentrating on the fish arriving now. Still several big whiting still being caught and we are now expecting a run of bass as the month of April moves on.Top right is Gerald Foster with a nice 13 plus pound skate 18 skate were caught on the day and most returned to fight another day and second from top right is Jerald Web with his first ever skate another nice double which was released. A large competition organized by the police including four local charter boats and i am pleased to say the Sophie lea and Eastern Promise shared top position with well over twenty fish with Gloria B third and Enterprise following on in last position but a great day was had by all. Plenty of Bass coming to the boat now Mick Frost below left 22nd April and Danny Page from Norfolk with Bass to eight pounds along with lots of skate and fantastic weather. Roger Chase with his best ever bass of just under 12 pounds caught on the 5th May 2011 not only the bass but over forty thornback skate that's when we lost count a great day out had by all and most of the skate were released.