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For Bookings Telephone Boat Direct on 07774 492856 or evenings telephone 01255 821255

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A £100 pound deposit is required to book the boat for a party up to eight anglers and fifty five pounds for individuals and a cash balance is required at the end of the days trip, all live bait ordered must be paid for and will be deducted from the deposit even if the trip is cancelled due to bad weather however in some circumstances we may be able to sell your bait the next day in this case you will not be charged but please remember we purchase live bait under your instructions, frozen baits will not be charged for, no refunds will be given if you cancel a pre booked trip but if we are given a fare notice we will try to reschedule a new date for you. Prices quoted are for one rod , if you bring and use two rods you will be charged for bait for one extra rod. Please note if a booking is made late and there is no time to send a deposit you will still be liable for the booking if you fail to turn up on the day or cancel without giving us reasonable time to re book the date.

We understand that sometimes after booking the boat members of your party can drop out although you should collect there share of the booking fee, but if you let us know as soon as possible we may be able to help with individual anglers, if you cancel and do not give us enough notice to re book the date i.e. at least 14 days you may be liable for the full charter fee although we will do our best to sell your booked date ,Important alcohol or recreational drugs are not alowed for safety reasons on the boat although we turn a blind eye to one or two largers but if anyone is found to be intoxicated whilst on the boat we will terminate the charter early and return to port with the full charter cost still payable , if for any reason we have to cancel your trip and advise you that weather is to bad for safe sailing we will offer you sheltered fishing or will reschedule another date for you. No refunds will be given for gift vouchers fully paid charters or deposits but we will honour all bookings with another date at the booking price.

Tope fishing involves long distances offshore and sometimes it can be to rough to go these distances but quite exceptable for a normal days fishing trip, we will only except bookings for tope fishing on the understanding that if we feel it will be to rough to continue offshore or forecasted to be so then for safety reasons we will change the day to a general fishing trip were conditions are invariably calmer due to more sheltered waters and an adjustment will be made to the costs we can not except a cancelation for tope fishing if conditions allow us to safely continue the booking for general fishing.

Wear sensible clothing on your day at sea and remember it can be cooler at sea than ashore the sun is also stronger at sea so bring a hat sun cream and a warm fleece or pullover with you and also a waterproof jacket, please note soft shoes or clean Wellingtons only please don't leave half your garden mud on the bottom of them and no hobnailed boots, there is plenty of seating on the boat so please leave big tackle boxes at home.

Please note it is important that you check the status of your trip the evening before your day on the boat on 01255821255 after 7pm to check on weather fishing advice and tides it is important that you take heed of the skippers advice if you do not you may have a disappointing days fishing, the onus is on the organiser to do this as we can not phone 8 or 10 individual anglers.

Rental rods and equipment are the responsibility of the hirer user/angler for the duration of the charter and if lost or damaged due to negligence or accident a fee of £100 will be levied in cash at the end of the charter our rods/tackle are basic easey to use equipment and not for the expert sea angler so if you have your own gear bring it with you.

It is illegal to throw rubbish over board please insure that all litter is taken home and disposed of in the correct manner.

Our boat is kept clean and tidy for your comfort safety and enjoyment and it is expected that you treat the boat respectfully, cutting boards for bait are supplied and cutting bait on any part of the boat other than cutting boards or bait station will not be tolerated. a toilet is on board the boat it is not the sames as your home toilet and can not handle large amounts of tissue and definatly no wet /baby whipes you block it you unblock it.

If you try to telephone during the day you may not get through as we are out at sea most days therefore we have limited signals on our mobile but your call in these cases will divert to our answer phone please speak clearly and slowly leaving your telephone number and we will telephone you back asap.

Gift Vouchers. When you receive a gift voucher please try to be flexible we can not guarantee a specific date and have to put you with other anglers as going to sea with one angler is uneconomic for us, just telephone us on 07774492856 give us a few dates and we will do our best to get you out fishing as close to the date you have requested as possible, your gift voucher will entitle you to a days fishing including one rod/tackle hire and dead bait for one person they are not refundable and are valid for twelve months from date of purchase, please note you are responsible for all hire equipment during your trip and any losses will have to be paid for and don't forget to telephone us the evening prior to your fishing trip at around 7pm to check on weather etc..If you book a date with your gift voucher this is deemed a booking and if you fail to turn up your voucher will be cancelled no refunds will be given on gift vouchers.